Top Tradespeople Posting Fake Jobs

I done a little bit more research on Top Tradespeople after I commentated on their new “responsive” website. I found that the director was outsourcing jobs on something I do occasionally when I need content. I found that the director at Top Tradespeople was posting jobs asking for content in the form of job posts optimised for search engines. Check out the screenshot below.
Top Tradespeople Posting Fake Jobs

Click here for original job post on This job was posted two years ago so whether or not Top Tradespeople still engage with posting fake jobs is unclear.

The job itself is quoted below.

100 off subcategory descriptions x 100 words for tradesperson website (i.e. job types) – Good quality copywriting with a hint of optimisation for SEO. We don’t want them to look spammy but we do want them to be relevant for ranking and indexing. Job types may be such things as ‘bathroom fitting’, ‘bathroom sink fitting’, etc.

This is a test job as we have a lot more categories and subcategories so there will be the potential of future jobs posted to which you will be invited should the work go well.

Looking to get started with this immediately.

The job was awarded as we can see she is a “Great employer, easy to talk to”. job-awarded

If this is how recommendation / online marketplaces are working in the real world, I’m wondering why I’m stuck being honest waiting for homeowners to post jobs. I just don’t feel comfortable posting pretend / fake jobs to entice plumbers to sign-up to my online marketplace and I’m sat here wondering why there is so much distrust within the industry as I’ve had many plumbers ask me whether or not other websites post jobs or not like Top Tradespeople are doing.

I don’t think many do so and those that do are very small. Top Tradespeople is more of a lead generation website where “Top Tradespeople” can buy leads on a lead-to-lead basis. Although this job was posted in 2013 one wonders if Top Tradespeople continue to post fake / pretend / SEO optimised jobs on their platform.



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