Is Responsive THAT Important?

A website I’ve been monitoring due to it being in a similar position as mine is Top Tradespeople. I recently went on it a few weeks ago to find a half-hearted attempt at becoming responsive no doubt due to an up and coming Google algo update. Take a look at the screenshot below.Top Tradespeople Website

Have we as a community of digital marketers become so desperate to impress Google that we sacrifices user experience? It gets worse when exploring the website on a device (Blackberry z10).


I understand the importance of optimising our websites so that they’re on page 1 across desktops and mobile devices. However user experience is important and if they can’t navigate across a website and navigate successfully they wont stay on our websites.

Not only this the algorithm only effects mobile and tablet searches (for now) and therefore as digital marketers we have a few months to sort this out. Although with that said we had a few months to update our websites. Using bootstrap plugins to optimise websites isn’t an ideal situations and the best options are to hire someone to redesign the website or edit the CSS properly.

Below is what the website “should” look like or at least did last year using the Way Back Machine (Web Archive).



Not a bad website and an ideal site to use as a foundation for a responsive website. Hopefully I’ll see this site on my BlackBerry z10 soon that is easy to use and navigate.




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