Amazon Home Services

If it wasn’t hard enough to swallow that bookshops and almost all shops are closing down thanks to Amazon, it seems they’re cashing / crashing into the marketplace to help homeowners find plumbers, electricians and other top tradespeople.

Amazon Home Services which has been under development for just under twelve months officially launched last month. It’ll make homeowners lives easier for hiring plumbers, electricians, music lessons ect.

This touches on what I was saying last time that it is a crowded marketplace already and that sites like mine that are small are finding it hard to compete with the big boys and Amazon crashing in to this market although only in the US market for the time being isn’t making my job any easier.

From what I can tell and imagine if you order radiators, baths, basins ect from their website a call-to-action to have it installed by a plumber on Amazon home service will pop-up which will make signing up to Amazon (as a tradesman) VERY attractive. Similar call-to-actions will pop-up for musicians when purchasing instruments.

Is there anything Amazon can’t do?



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