Getting Your Website Online

Once you’ve chosen your niche you’ll need to get your website online and this is almost as easy as buying a pint of milk and almost as affordable. A domain name can be purchased for a few pounds at UK-Cheapest and web hosting is easily purchased for as little as £3 from SWBroadband. In total you’ll be able to get your website online for under £10. This is all you need when you’re ready to start your website.

Buying the Domain Name

I recommend UK-Cheapest because it’s the simple to use compared to others and SWBroadband is an easy to use web hosting provider as they use cPanel. I do recommend reading this article first about buying your domain name.

cPanel comes installed with scripts you’ll need to get started such as WordPress the with the click and install features located in cPanel you’ll find installing WordPress is easy.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is important as this is where your website and database will be stored and because of all the kiddie resellers the price of web hosting has gone down in price from when I first started off. However because of the resellers around it’s important to go for a web hosting provider with a good reputation. This is why I recommend SWBroadband and for the 12 months I’ve been their customer, they’ve provided a seamless service.


I recommend using WordPress it’s widely used and has become an industry standard. With the plugins available and the thousands of both free and paid for themes available it’s easy to understand why WordPress is used by companies like Yahoo.

WordPress is free and easy to use. It’s a content management system that almost every web designer and developer has used and anyone looking to make money online will find using WordPress easy.



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