Choosing your Niche!

If you’ve just discovered the potential of the internet and it’s vast income sources and not to sure where to start. This guide on getting online and building your website will turn out to be the most valuable resource you’ll read online. Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of how websites work or the HTML, PHP, MySQL and other computer languages behind it.

Getting yourself online is pretty easy! Read this blog about choosing the right domain name as an aid to help you start your online career. Getting online and becoming successful online is made up of two parts, the website itself and the marketing behind the website.

Obviously the website itself will be the most important tool in marketing yourself or your business but the most important aspect of your website is the digital marketing you put in and it’s therefore important that you distinguish between the first steps to getting online and the promotion of the website.

It is also important not to be put off marketing your website online. It doesn’t need to be expensive and if you choose the right niche it’ll be relatively cheap. There are still hundreds of niches to tap into and make successful.

Once you’ve launched the website however it is important to understand that you’ll need to put in the time and effort into successfully getting your website online and promoting it through digital marketing strategies.

Choosing the niche!

I chose a relatively uncompetitive niche the plumbing industry. It was whilst working with plumbers during 2013 on their digital marketing campaigns I found how easy it was to rank a plumbing website for local keywords that saw vast numbers of search volumes.

If you’ve already chosen the niche do some more research to make sure that market is uncompetitive and relatively affordable to tap into. I then went on to build the biggest plumbing website online and further rank the keyword for over 9,000 keywords and keeping the website SEO friendly almost all the pages on the website are unique if not repetitive in nature.

Information Site or Blog

I choose to go down the route of offering a service whilst providing an informative blog and now the website is the biggest plumbing website online. Therefore I’d personally recommend going down the route of offering a service or product however you may also want to consider an information style website and blog by increasing the traffic and becoming an affiliate using sites such as Affiliate Window to manage your affiliate marketing network.

You’ll find in the right untapped niche it’s relatively easy to think of ideas and blog posts on “how to” guides and articles and rank them highly.

Any niche can become an information website. Your blog, hobbies, sports, education, self-help are interesting niches to explore for the right person.

Choose the niche you want to monopolise very carefully and consider all the facts involved.



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