8 Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is in my opinion and opinion of that of hard core WordPress users is that WordPress is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any business, affiliate marketer, digital marketer anyone on the web with a website should consider WordPress their first option for a bog standard website.

When starting to look at affiliate marketing as your passive income stream you’ll need a website and I list 8 reasons why you need to use WordPress as part of your affiliate marketing campaign.

1. Easy to use, set-up, manage and update.
Using WordPress is easy and you don’t need to be a web developer or understand PHP or any computer language. All you need is an internet connection, you don’t even need a computer! WordPress is available on iPhone, Android and most BlackBerry phones (unfortunately not the z10)

2. Can be used as both a website and blog.
I remember back in 2005 when I first started online using cPanel WordPress was available as a download in Fantastico and I couldn’t get my head around WordPress nor Joomla. However as a comparison between the two a novice at the time I was able to excess using WordPress back then it was mainly used as a blogging platform. However over the years WordPress has evolved into a full-featured content management system.

It means that over the years webmasters have been turning to WordPress to use as a website and a blogging platform.

3. Thousands of WordPress developers and designers available for hire.
WordPress has created an entire industry in some respect there are thousands of WordPress developers and designers readily available to be hired to build and develop themes and plugins.

4. Therefore thousands more free and premium themes available.
There are over 2000+ free WordPress themes available in the official WordPress theme directory meaning that to start a website online and become an affiliate marketer wouldn’t be expensive. However with sites such as ThemeForest there are thousands of premium WordPress themes available that averagely cost $58.

5. WordPress Plugins add features that maximise websites.
As there are thousands of WordPress developers there are even more free and premium WordPress plugins available to download maximising your WordPress website. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available that add functionality to the core system. Therefore whether you’re in need of a simple plugin to handle contact forms or an e-commerce system, there are thousands of plugins to meet both personal and commercial needs.

6. WordPress is search engine friendly
I’ve taken on clients where they’ve had a HTML / PHP website built once I converted their website to a WordPress site they saw their organic search campaign rocket. It could be said that their original website was poorly coded or optimised, we’d both probably be right! However why go through the process of having a bespoke website made from scratch when you can have a bespoke website built using WordPress? Matt Cutts a head of Google web spam team has been quoted as saying “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” A free plugin that actually solves a ton of SEO issues is in fact Yoast SEO Plugin a freely available WordPress plugin that makes search engine friendly.

7. The WordPress community is huge and friendly.
The WordPress community is huge and friendly, there are forums available where you can request help and help other people. Exchanging of ideas and providing support the WordPress community is one of the best communities supporting open source software available.

8. WordPress is open source.
Being open source WordPress is available freely from commercial restrictions and limitations. Therefore you can use WordPress in anyway you see fit and customise it to your liking. When you choose WordPress you have complete control over your website and website presence.



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