10 Factors to Consider When Buying a Domain

If you’re considering setting up a website in 2014 and going into 2015 it’s pivotal that you look at the domain name and match a domain name with your prospective social media audience. This article looks at the various factors that a prospective webmaster should consider when purchasing a domain name.

You’ll need to ensure that both your social media and domain name is available and below I go through the steps to ensuring your success online from the beginning of your journey.

A good solid domain name is the foundation of the online presence you’re going to build and an essential asset, a badly chosen and sounding domain will not help your marketing impact and will make the marketing of the domain more difficult.

Be Memorable!

Over the last few years companies have chosen to purchase domain names and call themselves by what is trending at the time with businesses calling themselves ify at the end. Adify, Crowdify, Mobify, Shopify and then there was the vine companies Snapvine, ComicVine, LeadVine I personally don’t want to follow trends because trends don’t last.

When I was looking at branding my main business I was unsure what to name the business. The concept and the development of the website had been there for four months before I finally chose a name good name that represented my main income.

I remember back in 2005 when I had my first domain name, it was purchased for me as I had no concept of Paypal or anything I just knew I wanted a domain name and learn web development skills.

It was called “runningsolo.co.uk” and I remember a member of staff at my school asking “but there are no numbers in that” referring to the fact that so many domain names had been taken.

Back then I was doing a lot of Parkour / Free Running when it was still underground and the domain was great! I still own it (obviously). However if in 2005 domain names were apparently all taken, 2015 10 years later the market for domain names is very competitive landscape.

Many two, three and four letter domain names are taken and some of them are just being sat on because of their worth. Therefore I’d recommend finding two or three word domain names and going from there. If you can’t choose a good name and a memorable name.

Spelling & Pronunciation

I have a speech and language disorder my speech isn’t the best so finding a domain name that I can say and pronounce easily is important but it’s also just me, when talking on the phone it’s important obviously that the recipient can clearly understand the domain name.

Rightmove.com at the beginning must had been confused with writemove.com I’m sure it must had been an obstruct before it monopolised the online real estate market.

Avoid Hyphens

I’d avoid hyphens at all costs! Imagine right-move.com you’ll now be telling your customers right hyphen move? Maybe confusing perhaps not, however I wouldn’t want to be on the sales team explaining hyphen the symbol.

Does It Look Good?

When you go about executing your marketing strategy your prospective audience will see the domain name on leaflets, business cards even in search engines it needs to look good written down. Therefore it shouldn’t look strange and it should read easily.

You need to look at this when looking at such domains as “businesssuccess.com” how many S’s?

It’s Your Business!

It’s your business therefore you need to make the domain somewhat similar to your business. In my case I choose a pretty descriptive name and homeowners are already recognising what we are and who we are. We’re a plumbing website (they need a plumber!) and we may just verify their credentials.

With web based applications and smartphone / tablet apps the developers usually come up with a new word. Going into the Blackberry World iGrann and it further goes onto explain it’s an instragram client (a pretty decent one too!). Famous names include Google for instance and Flickr.

Buy .com & Country Specific TLD

If you’re based in the UK it’s important to still buy the .com and .co.uk versions of your domain name.

What does your name mean?

When I was choosing the name for my business, I came up with a few and one of them actually had a different meaning as well as this you must ensure it isn’t trademarked.

Social Media Check!

You’ll need twitter, facebook, pinterest, blogger, wordpress and about 120+ other names to secure your online reputation in the future! Go to namechk.com and ensure you get the right domain name by ensuring that when you punch the name into NameChk the rights to all the profiles are secured. Going back to spelling I was working with a freelance late last year when she was on the phone to a client explaining that he should go to Name Check and had to point out the lack of “e” and “c” in the check.

Registering the Domain

Once you’ve found the domain and want to buy I highly recommend buying it as soon as you can! In September I was looking for a domain name for a new project for a client and within a space of finding it, and confirming the name five minutes later the domain had been bought up by a company in Newcastle. I highly recommend buying it! I wasted a fortune last year buying domain names I was interested in just to be sure I could have it and even more time securing their usernames across the social spectrum.

Domain Registrar

At the moment I’m working with a plumber who registered his domain with VistaPrint, and these type of websites that offer a free domain names. However in most cases the free provider are the named drivers on the domain. You don’t own it and if your domain becomes a success they may not want to give it back or may sell it for it’s worth.

With this in mind there are hundreds of domain name providers and registrars you need to ensure you identify the right one. I’ve been using UK-Cheapest for years! They offer domains at affordable prices and you own the domain name that you register with them. They also provide affordable web hosting and offer great customer support.

If you require additional help feel free to tweet me or get in touch for further assistance getting online.



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