4 Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

When I started out as an affiliate marketer I ran into all types of affiliate programs and I was running around like a headless chicken attempting to manage multiple websites across multiple industries and niches using multiple affiliate marketing networks. I had no idea of the mistakes and headaches I was running into. I then stopped doing them all and slowly the websites weren’t renewed and my motivation was lost. However, I’m back in the affiliate marketing scene and learnt from my mistakes and have made a successful career from affiliate marketing.

1. Selling, Selling, Selling

When I first started all I done was sell the product, I created product pages upon product pages for individual products the companies I was affiliated to were selling rather then contributing more. I think this was a very lazy manner in which to conduct any affiliate marketing campaign. What I should had done was contribute more towards the products individually research them and help the user and perhaps the user would had been more interested in clicking links and buying. Perhaps even I put them off and out of their buying mood.

People are interested in reviewing how others found the product and perhaps that is why one of the reasons Amazon works so well is because of their review system. We wouldn’t buy from an eBay seller if they had negative reviews. Many of my friends in Manchester work for a door-to-door sales company and they find that when selling rather than the high-pressure sales strategy others go-on when going door-to-door they find helping the homeowner over pressuring the changing their electricity supplier helps them get a sale.

2. Manage a Niche

As mentioned above,  I rushed into signing up to many affiliate programs without thinking and it cost me. However learning from this, I’m now only in two industries and in two niches. I’m now able to manage my affiliate programs effectively and maximise revenue streams. My advice would be choose one or two niches and become a master of those and you’ll earn more compared to overloading yourself and choosing several programs you can’t keep up with.

3. Analytics

It’s so important to manage your analytics, you want to know exactly where you’re prospective buyers are coming from. I’ve built multiple channels and funnel the traffic through to my site to understand where prospective buyers are coming from.

This means that you’ll be able to understand what channels are working well and those that aren’t and make more efforts to one channel over the other. Managing your affiliate programs in this manner will ensure you grow your affiliate commission by scaling your campaigns.

4. “Oh WOW! Look how shiny that floor is”

Offline and occasionally online I have a serious attention problem. I can be talking to someone and suddenly see something like at the GYM a shiny floor and I’m suddenly off topic and not playing attention. This can happen with affiliate programs it can take around four months to really get to grips with your affiliate program and start earning consistent revenue / commission. If you see another affiliate marketer doing well with one program, don’t swap over keep at it. Don’t chase the next “big thing” stick with it. Ignore the hype and and don’t get distracted by what others are claiming is doing well.

I was talking to an affiliate marketer and she said something to me and my response was “I bet you’re a member of Warrior Forum or something” and although this was said in some what of a spiteful manner, she took it in her stride and apparently was proud of being part of the forum. I’ve frequented Warrior Forum however don’t believe the ads “I earn £10,000,000,000,000 an hour doing this” although I’ve never clicked one, surely if someone was earning billions an hour on this program, I can’t imagine they’d tell you.

Overall, affiliate marketing is an online business that requires serious dedication, self-motivation and focus. As a half-decent SEO, Social Media Marketer, I pretty much can rank websites well and find customers using social media,  which helps my affiliate programs but I can assure you that these skills only half help, having a great website and business model behind your affiliate marketing programs can really help a novice affiliate marketer grow their revenue.



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