Launching an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2016

1. Expanding Your Keywords

Every Marketing Campaign needs effective keyword research and targeting. This is to make sure the right people find your brand online.

So what do you need to do?

That’s easy; perform a review of your current keyword-base. Tools such as Long Tail Pro allow you to find the most effective keywords.
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Best Selling Arcade Machines & Games

We have had over 40 years of amazing games. Arcade machines stretch back to the 1970s and since their birth the gaming industry has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Here’s an easy to digest infographic with some cool stats about the industry!
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Get instant insight into violations of your privacy

Increasing the integrity and security of the Android OS is a cornerstone of the PRIV. That’s why BlackBerry have included privacy features like DTEK, a tool that lets you take control of how and where your data is used. Legendary BlackBerry protection shields you against outside threats, while specialised apps like DTEK take the PRIV’s security to a whole new level.
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2016 Wearable Technology Trends

Now I have the Blackberry PRIV which runs on Android courtesy of Christmas present from my father my life has been opened up to more opportunities where as before with the OS10 I was very very limited! Wearable technology is set to be huge in 2016 and here is a list of headphones, watches and bracelets to look out for.
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MailChimp or Constant Contact

Since email is still one of the most powerful communication tools, anyone who’s in marketing knows how email marketing can drive business growth and market reach. What better way to do it than with email automation tools – they enable you to nurture new and existing relationships with clients, in a professional, and most importantly personalized way.

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