How To: Ju Jitsu

A five-step guide to Harvard-Westlake’s only martial art.

An Art of Self-Defense

Ju-Jitsu’s primary function is a means of self-defense. Those who participate in the martial arts, called Ju-jitsukas, are trained to use good judgement and self-restaint in their confrontations and will use violence only as a last resort to bring a situation under control. Moves in Ju-Jitsu fall in five defensive categories: striking, throwing, strangulation, joint locking and pressure points.
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Am I Indie?

The kind of creative control, DIY mentality, and tightly-knit scenes that exist in indie don’t always flourish in the mainstream environment as they do in the world of indie. Despite the growing popularity of indie aesthetics and the ability to quickly, cheaply, and easily reach a larger audience (thanks to the Internet), the battle between the ever dominant major labels is still present. However, now more than ever we are seeing an increased awareness and popularity of independently produced music thanks to blogs, social media, apps and online music communities.
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