Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is performance-based marketing in which businesses reward affiliate marketers for traffic that the affiliate directs to the business. There are four types of affiliate marketers as listed below. As a publisher your job is to direct traffic to the merchant who will in turn once the consumer purchases the merchant / business product or service provides the publisher with a percentage of the sale.

Merchants: The retailer or brand is who the publisher will be driving traffic towards. They’ll usually offer additional incentives based on your website and higher commission fees for different websites based on their ability to perform.

Network: There are a few major players in the affiliate marketing industry they include Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and Web Gains. They’re essentially the middleman and allows the publisher to sign-up to one website to manage all their affiliates. They’ll also provide some solid statistics and analytics to help publishers and affiliate marketers monitor their own performance.

Publisher: This is most likely yourself, you’ll be the affiliate marketer driving the traffic to the merchant, retailer or brand through an array of straegies including but not limited to: search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and social media marketing to name but a few methods. You’ll be either driving consumers directly to the affiliate website or through your website.

Consumer: The consumer is the one that comes to you, clicks through the affiliate networks lands on the merchants website and buys. Once they buy the cookie played on the consumers website alerts the network who tops up your affiliate earnings.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

It helps that you understand other aspects of digital marketing as methods such as search engine optimisation, content marketing, pay per click, social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation and so many more factors can come into play.

Big retailers such as Amazon offer handsome commissions to publishers however retailers often overlook affiliate marketing preferring strategies sucha s e-mail marketing and search engine marketing as their preferences. Therefore it’s important to do your search on the affiliate network of choice to find whether or not they have an affiliate program for your chosen industry.

I’m a COMPLETE Beginner can I excel in Affiliate Marketing?

Even if you’re a complete beginner the posts across this website will help you understand affiliate marketing and get started with affiliate marketing. If you already know a little about web design and development it will help. However with content management systems like WordPress you just need to be consistent and patient for the first few months.

WordPress is a great beginning point and there are many free tools across the web to help you understand and get a functional website up and running quickly with WordPress. The drop and drag dimensions of using WordPress will ensure that all you need to do is concentrate on driving traffic to your website.

Of course as I mention that understanding digital marketing will help you excel faster but you can always hire a digital marketing consultant who’ll pay for himself after a few months and many affiliate marketers go down this route outlaying a few hundred pounds to drive traffic to the website that than pays for itself and then some with the affiliate marketing earnings.

Building the audience for your affiliate marketing website takes time and building a presence online can take up to four to six months. However the sooner your website is online the sooner you can start earning and attracting traffic.

If you need help getting online and quickly you can hire me but I recommend first trying it out yourself.