Morrisons Great Manchester Run

On May 10th I’ll be running in the Morrisons Great Manchester Run. Please support me by donating on my Just Giving page. Every pound counts.

I’m running for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. From what I see on Twitter there are several other runners running for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. So far I’ve raised £60 and hoping to far exceed the target of £150.00, please help me to do this.
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VistaPrint is rubbish, Stop trying to save money!

Remember in one of my last posts about the factors to consider when buying a domain name and I mention I was working with a plumber who registered his domain name with VistaPrint and that VistaPrint were the named drivers on his domain name until he bought it out? Well this month we done a full scale attack on his SEO strategy getting his website away from the dreaded VistaPrint and placed directly on a self-hosted WordPress site and BOOM! As suspected his website is cruising nicely on Google going from now where to somewhere.
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8 Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is in my opinion and opinion of that of hard core WordPress users is that WordPress is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any business, affiliate marketer, digital marketer anyone on the web with a website should consider WordPress their first option for a bog standard website. When starting to look at affiliate marketing as your passive income stream you’ll need a website and I list 8 reasons why you need to use WordPress as part of your affiliate marketing campaign.
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4 Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

When I started out as an affiliate marketer I ran into all types of affiliate programs and I was running around like a headless chicken attempting to manage multiple websites across multiple industries and niches using multiple affiliate marketing networks. I had no idea of the mistakes and headaches I was running into. I then stopped doing them all and slowly the websites weren’t renewed and my motivation was lost. However, I’m back in the affiliate marketing scene and learnt from my mistakes and have made a successful career from affiliate marketing.
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Choosing your Niche!

If you’ve just discovered the potential of the internet and it’s vast income sources and not to sure where to start. This guide on getting online and building your website will turn out to be the most valuable resource you’ll read online. Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of how websites work or the HTML, PHP, MySQL and other computer languages behind it.
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Getting Your Website Online

Once you’ve chosen your niche you’ll need to get your website online and this is almost as easy as buying a pint of milk and almost as affordable. A domain name can be purchased for a few pounds at UK-Cheapest and web hosting is easily purchased for as little as £3 from SWBroadband. In total you’ll be able to get your website online for under £10. This is all you need when you’re ready to start your website.
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