Brian Martin

    I've written on various online websites discussing digital marketing including search engine optimisation, social media marketing and other topics. Below is a list of all posts I've written. During 2014 my plan is to write a lot more than I have previously. I will try and keep this updated as possible.

    VB Boot Camp
    Before digital marketing became an obsession I was and still continue to be a keen software developer. Although I had dabbled in many programming languages before my A-Levels learning Visual Basic really taught me and made me understand the principles of all computer languages and I have taken what I learnt and have complied everything I learnt and placed it into the VB Boot Camp.

    After launching VB Boot Camp I contributed to LearnXinYMinutes, which has had much media coverage online including a feature on TechCrunch. I wrote a visual basic program that once copied and pasted into the Visual Basic complier and read line by line, will enable the user to learn how Visual Basic operates through the program itself.

    SEO Andy
    I have written a few articles on SEO Andy a popular UK resource for small/medium businesses across the UK looking to expand upon their digital marketing campaigns.

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